Tips To Style Up Your Kurti Look For Every Occasion

Tips To Style Up Your Kurti Look For Every Occasion

A kurta has always been a part of the ethnic ensemble and is reserved for traditional and formal occasions only. However, with the new trends coming up in the fashion industry, people have started experimenting with their styles. To complement the same, kurta sets with trousers have made their way to the casual ensemble and have become a part of our everyday fashion. So, today, when we look at our closet, one of the first things we grab is a comfortable kurta. Just with minimal effort, you can conquer the world in a kurta. Whether you are going to your workplace, parties, or running errands, kurtas fit everywhere. So, we are here with tips to help you style up your Kurti look for different occasions.

Tips To Style Kurta Looks For Different Occasions:

Kurtas For Office Wear 

Workplaces, especially Indian workplaces, consider kurtas as a part of Indian formal dress. So, the best part is that you can grab this opportunity to show off your style in the office without breaking the dress code. Especially when it comes to straight Kurtis, they are one perfect choice for office wear wardrobe. But remember, not all Kurtis are suitable for your office. Generally, office casual Kurtis is in cotton fabric as they can be worn for longer periods without any discomfort. 

Kurtas For Wedding Ceremonies 

Many traditional get together happen in Indian families, especially at weddings. So, in these types of gatherings, you must opt for an embellished and embroidered kurta. Weddings are when you can shine bright and they actually demand you to look heavy and bright. So, you can choose a beautiful long kurta with some embroidery and pair it with lehenga skirt or palazzo pants. You can also choose occasion wear Kurti set for women available in the collections.

Kurtas For Your Travel Needs

Whenever we are travelling, one of the first things we consider is comfort. So, while travelling it's very important to choose appropriate clothes like a comfortable kurta. You can select cotton, rayon Kurtis with a relaxed fit to pair with jeans or leggings. There are many indo-western style Kurtis like the shirt collar Kurtis, asymmetrical kurtas and more. They are ideal for travel wear, especially if they are curated in comfortable fabrics.

Kurtas For A Casual Dayout

We women are always on the run, whether going to the office or running our everyday chores. That's the reason we need to wear outfits that won't hinder our work and will also make us feel comfortable. Therefore, going for an asymmetrical kurta along with trousers or leggings can be the most practical choice. In addition to that, you can also choose cotton kurta sets with trousers to glide through the day with the utmost ease.

Kurtas For Parties 

Whenever there's a thought that you have nothing to wear for a party night, we assure you that kurtas come as the best rescue. It is no barrier why women choose to wear kurtas to parties, as you can jazz up in the simple kurta with an embroidered dupatta or palazzo. All you have to do is pair some best jewellery pieces and the right footwear with your kurta, and you are bang on the best dressed among the crowd.


It is unsaid, but kurtas or kurta sets are truly one of the best choices women can make, no matter the occasion. If you also love kurtas and wish to have a kurta suited for every occasion, then check out our amazing kurta sets collection at Ahika. Whether you want to buy a workwear kurta or something to adorn in the festive season, our collection caters for it all. Check out the entire selection today!

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