Wardrobe Update: Basics That You Must Own


If you'll look for must-have wardrobe basics for women on the web, you'll find a big list of items that include women's designer apparel and other accessories. There are some wardrobe basics that you must own, and then you can mix and match them for a perfect look. Plus, owning these essentials will let you be creative with your looks and experiment.

But remember, to make a list of some must-haves, you need not follow trends blindly. Instead, always invest smartly and in classic items that you'll feel like wearing again and again. Also, make sure that whatever you choose stands the test of time.

Here’s a list of some must-have wardrobe basics to expand your closet the right way:

Kurta Palazzo Set

Kurta Plazzo set makes a wardrobe staple that you can head out wearing to any event or occasion. One idea is to get them in a matching pair. Another idea is that you can mix and match them separately to create a perfect-looking attire that complements each other. Find them in your favorite colors and prints, and you'll be ready to flaunt the trendsetting look.



A nice blazer or jacket can work wonders in the overall appearance. You can wear a blaze or jacket on a tee or even a Kurti. It's recommended to opt for a fitted longer one than investing in a cropped and oversized style.

One of the easiest ways by which you can make your clothes look expensive is by layering. It is also a perfect way to shield yourself if it's cold. A key point to remember while buying a blazer is to make sure there’s enough room under the shoulders and arm so that it can be worn over other items. Also, make sure that the sleeves aren't that longer than your wrists, and you can fold your elbows with ease.

White Shirt

Trust us, you can't go any wrong with a crisp white shirt. Leave it out, tuck it in, layer it under a jacket, blazer, sweater, or just anything; wear an oversized one with a belt to let it look a dress; the options are just numerous. You can' go wrong with this must-have. This comfortable piece of clothing is versatile and breathable enough for the summer to absorb the sweat quickly. Buy one to make a chic statement.

Pencil Skirt

If you want something formal that is also worth making a statement, then go for a pencil skirt. That doesn't mean that you can't wear them to parties and gatherings. You obviously can, and rock the sizzling look.

Buy them in different textures, solid colors, and prints. Pair them with crop tops or shirts, depending on the occasion.

Denim Jacket

Any wardrobe is incomplete without this clothing piece. Be it hot outside or super cold, a denim jacket will help you rock all the looks. Look for an oversized denim shirt that is currently on-trend. You can even wear it on a little black summer dress or a basic tee for that perfect outfit upgrade.

Boot-cut Jeans

Who won't fall in love with a pair of jeans that fits and feels like second-skin? Boot-cut jeans are always on trend and look great every time and everywhere-from casual days at work or when paired with shirts, blazers, bodysuits, denim jackets, and boots. Of course, one prime reason people love and so will you is that you are likely to look taller and more shapely in these pants.

Final Words

These were just a few wardrobe must-haves. Many more to the list include a contemporary Kurti, pair of trousers, an LBD, a premium leather jacket, festive wear kurta sets, tank tops, striped tee, etc.

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