Your Guide To Find The Perfect Kaftan


A kaftan kurta is one of the most amazing contemporary versions of kaftans. The outfit, which was once traditionally worn as a full-length dress, has now adapted to modern twists and turns. Out of all, one amazing version is the kaftan kurta, which has become a favourable choice when shopping for festive wear for ladies. The easy breezy silhouette of a kaftan Kurti provides super comfort and breathability to women, making it an amazing choice for many. While there are multiple styles of kaftan kurtas that you can try, it's important to understand how to pick & style the right one. Here is what you should look for when buying the perfect kaftan kurta. 

Guide To Find The Perfect Kaftan Kurta:

Look For The Right Fabric 

When choosing the right kaftan kurta for yourself, you must choose a fabric that makes you feel comfortable. Moreover, it also depends upon the season when you plan to wear your kaftan. For example, a kaftan made of silk, cotton or another natural fabric will be a great choice for a casual outing. On the other hand, you can choose rayon, satin, georgette or silk kaftan kurta for a formal event or some evening occasion. In the end, it all depends on the occasion and your comfort, so choose accordingly. 

Choose The Right Length 

Kaftan kurtas are available in both long, short and medium lengths. So, choosing the right length of your kurta is crucial to make it look the best on you. A medium-length kaftan kurta can be your best bet for a day in the office or for a casual outing. On the other hand, you can choose a long one or a mid-calf length for a formal function or festivities like a cocktail party, wedding rituals or more. While choosing the length, keep in mind the choice of bottom you are going to pair it with so that you overall match up with the outfit. 

Pairing The Right Bag 

Kaftans are a loose-fit ethnic outfit and look a bit oversized, especially towards the sleeves. So the trick is to make a balance with an outfit by pairing the right size bag with it. Choosing small purses or bags will create harmony with loose-fit sleeves, and this will help you enjoy a casual look. On the other hand, clutches look best with a kaftan kurta set for an evening party or formal occasion. Also, keep in mind that kaftans come with elaborated or extended sleeves, so it's important to carry the right handbag with it if you do not wish to spoil your look.  

Pick Embroidery Or Prints As Per Occasions 

The most amazing benefit of kaftan Kurtis is that they come in both festive wear and loungewear options. These loose-fit ethnic wear outfit is open to women's comfort at every level. So, it largely depends on what occasion you wish to wear a kaftan suit. Then choose the print or embellishment accordingly. We know kaftan kurta sets are perfect for daily and occasional wear. But you must make the right choice for print or embroidery. Ethnic motif prints can be perfect for daily wear, while embroidery bright colour Kurtis will be perfect for occasions. 


A Kaftan Kurti is one of the most stylish options when it comes to occasion wear. Especially when considering the current fashion trends. If you are someone who looks for a fashion trend that comes with comfort, then the kaftan kurta is surely among them. Ahika offers you a wide range of kaftan kurta set online with designer prints, colours and that too at exclusive prices. Check out the whole selection today and find your favourite!

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